Red Snapper with Preserved Lemon and Tarragon

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As my preserved lemon series continues, I give seafood a try. When I came across rosy-looking red snapper fillets at Bristol Farms, I knew it was time to pop open the lemon jar. But after I got home from the market, I was too tired to look up any official recipes, and decided to make one up and hope for the best.

We have fragrant tarragon in our garden, which after several uncertain months has come back to life and is actually thriving. I knew tarragon would work well with fish, so I quickly threw together a topping for my fish of olive oil, tarragon, garlic, preserved lemon and salt and pepper. I put this on my fish, covered it in foil and grilled it for about 15 minutes. The combination was aromatic and delicious. The lemon and tarragon complimented each other nicely. The fish tasted light, with a hint of anise.

As a side dish, I served orzo, which cooks quickly. I first toasted the pasta in preserved lemon juices. Then, at the very end, I added a healthy spoonful of ajvar for a Mediterranean flavor and a pretty color.

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