Cucumber, Feta and Olive Salad

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Sometimes you get tired of the lettuce salads. And sometimes you buy a lot of cucumbers for a good deal and need to use them. This salad is a combination of both. It's super easy to make, and involves a nice blend of salty and refreshing flavors. It's one of those great salads that just makes you feel good about eating a salad.

The ingredients used all happened to be in my fridge or garden, so feel free to change things up based on your tastes and availability. Along with Persian cucumbers, I added kalamata olives, creamy Bulgarian feta, shallots and tarragon. But, you can use any olive of your choice, parsley or even mint, and red onion as substitutions. Although I have to say, the tarragon was absolutely delicious here, adding a unique and subtle licorice aroma.

I dressed the salad simply with good olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. And that's it! This would make a great accompaniment to any type of grilled meat, such as juicy lamb chops.

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