New England Adventure - Fall Colors

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Our New England travels have come to an end, and already I miss the crisp air and colorful scenery. I do not miss the snow. After 15 minutes of walking in the snow, the husband and I decided it wasn't for us. It just snows on you, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Along with our Pittsburgh friends, we spent eight glorious days exploring food and beer (more on that to come later) in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. We also spent some time outside in nature, and inside our rental car, looking at nature. I love looking at nature from inside a warm, dry vehicle. But we did get out to the woods, did some minor hiking, where I managed to get lost, admired breathtaking views and took lots of pictures.
I love bridges, but during this trip, I discovered I loved covered bridges even more. There's something so cozy about them. Something magical and secretive. During our travels, we tried to guess why the bridges were covered in the first place, and although we had two iphones, one regular smart phone, and one useless razor, we didn't look it up, but kept guessing. It was fun. Then, someone did look it up -- the roof protects the trusses from the weather, hence a longer-lasting bridge. Makes sense, although I did enjoy the mystery.
Poverty Lane Orchards, where we tasted delicious hard ciders, and got to see a variety of heirloom apples you can't find in your grocery store.
Posing by the mini flume.
As I mentioned earlier, I got lost on a hike. I was the only one who stayed on a trail. The others apparently do not believe in trails. The husband decided to do a one-man search and rescue because our friends had already declared me officially gone, and were eager to get to the car. After a few moments of panic, and possibly some yelling for help, I skipped along the muddy trail wild eyed, until at last I was found. Once reunited, probably to calm me down, or ease his guilty conscience for abandoning me, the husband took a couple of photos of me. I believe the above captured my feelings of being lost perfectly.
The town of Bath, Maine. They have dubbed themselves Maine's Coolest Little City. We witnessed the smallest Halloween parade of toddlers trick-or-treating, trolling the streets (one little street) for candy. It was adorable.
Wood Island Light House in Biddeford Pool, Maine. A few miles from our home away from home, but way better than our real home. Somebody really needs to get me a new six-burner Viking stove.
Portsmouth, NH. This cute little town and it's delicious brewery almost redeemed the rest of weird New Hampshire. Almost.
So much color, I love it!

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