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Most of our recent travels have revolved around food and/or beverages. This trip was no different. Sure I tell people we went to see the fall colors, but we really went to drink New England craft beers and eat fresh seafood and good cheese. I am happy to report we accomplished all of the above, colors included. 

Besides a couple of not-so-good, but completely amusing meals, we ate and drank extremely well. Sometimes too well, squeezing in two dinners a night. I think our friend was horrified by the husband's appetite and unnatural ability to eat immense amounts of food, for days on end and look the way he does. I guess I often forget this superpower of his, because he tones it down at home.

What we liked about the food we ate, was that it was local, simply prepared and tasted amazing and fresh. And it was affordable. The husband described it best, "I like that they tell you where the food comes from, but don't charge you extra for doing so." California needs to catch up. Here, if you know what farm something on your menu came from, get ready to pay extra for that bit info. 

Along with tasty food, we had great beers, stopping at a brewery, or two, almost daily. Wine on the other hand, skip it. We stopped at a winery in Vermont, and it was interesting. And by that, I mean bad. California has good wine, and having experienced many years of wine tasting locally, we were embarrassed for the winery as we tasted their "light bodied" offerings (because really, I'm not sure I can rightfully call what we drank wine). Sorry New England, you can't have it all.

Below is a small sampling of our delicious meals, and pictures of friends and nature, because we did go to see fall colors after all.
Oysters and clam bake (below) at the Summer Shack in Boston. We sampled 3 varieties of delicious eastern oysters, and managed to put away a meaty lobster, mussels, and clams. 
Covered bridge. My new favorite saying -- put a roof on it!
Apple cider donut. Surprisingly light and just sweet enough. 
The perfect lunch spot.
The husband loves his beer samplers. This was the largest selection by far -- 10 beers!
Amazing clam chowder, so creamy and dreamy.
Cheers! More beer.
Rainy afternoon.
Portland, Maine. Pretty scenery, and a pretty amazing meal at Fore Street (below).
Mead tasting at Maine Mead Works. Absolutely, and surprisingly delicious. My friend and I have had and hated mead. With our minds made up, the only reason we participated in the tasting was because it was cold outside and there was no shopping nearby. So glad. Because this place changed our minds. Their well-balanced and mouth-watering brews were incredible. Lesson learned? Homemade mead, or mead in decorative bottles from Scandinavian countries, is gross. Leave it to the professionals. 
In conclusion, we loved New England, at least the four states we visited. Although we only kind of liked New Hampshire.

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