The Random Vegetable Soup

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What is not in this soup? Meat. But, it pretty much has everything else. Root veggies, greens, beans, herbs -- whatever I happened to have around, ended up in the pot.

I am mostly a great planner. I think ahead, do my shopping, maximize the use of my ingredients. But sometimes, I don't care. My not caring, coupled with hunger can lead to some interesting dishes, including this soup. I had done my shopping the day before, so the fridge was well stocked with a nice variety of vegetables. And I'm pretty sure I used every vegetables on-hand for this soup, and even opened a few cans of beans to add to the mix. There was really no measuring involved. I chopped everything into bite-size pieces of similar size, and threw them into the pot. The only thought I put into the dish was the herb bouquet, which had rosemary, marjoram, thyme and a bay leaf.

So here's what ended up in the pot -- carrots, celery, onion (the triple threat that is usually a base for many of my soups), garlic, turnips, fava beans, potatoes, kale and spinach. From the pantry I added garbanzo and red kidney beans, vegetable stock and tomato paste. I first sauteed the veggies, besides the beans and greens, then added the tomato paste, herbs and stock. After bringing the soup to a boil, I added my beans, then during the last 10 minutes I threw in the kale and spinach. Total cooking time about 40 minutes. If you're a quick chopper, you can get this soup on the table in under an hour.

Although this soup had a lot going on, all the flavors merged well, and I enjoyed the various textures. I especially liked the fava beans and leaf greens. Also, I'm pretty sure this soup has like 20 servings of vegetables. So you can feel real good about eating it.

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