Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Feta

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I have been neglecting my blogging duties because several weeks ago, I discovered Sons of Anarchy. But 50 episodes later, I am all caught up, and must wait to find out what happens to my beloved bikers. And I can finally blog again.

I made these peppers months ago, but never got around to posting. When I recently saw the pictures from that meal, I recalled how quick and delicious these peppers were, making them a great appetizer.
I hollowed out the peppers, removing all the seeds.
The mini peppers were then stuffed with a mixture of feta and cream cheese, fresh basil and a bit of pepper paste.
I baked the peppers for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees, turning them halfway. In the end, the peppers themselves still had some crunch, but the cheese stuffing was hot and gooey. If you're looking for the peppers to be cooked all the way through, I suggest steaming them first. But, I liked the bit of crispness left in them.

Now that was fast. 

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