Armo Christmas in Style, with Italian Food

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What is Armenian Christmas? Well, it's like American Christmas, but it takes place on January 6. They celebrate based on the Orthodox Christian calendar and traditions. The internet tell me that historically, all Christian churches celebrated Christ's birth on the 6th until the fourth century. Then, the date was changed to Dec. 25 to override a pagan feast dedicated to the birth off the Sun. So what does this tell you about my people? They don't like change. Can't roll with the flow. But that's okay, it allowed us another opportunity to get together with friends, share a meal and receive presents.

Unlike Christmas number one, this version was small, involved minimal cooking and zero stress. Somehow though, we ended up with just as many dishes! The meal not only celebrated the birth of Jesus, but also Trader Joe's, where most of the food came from. I'm not going to lie to you, those pretty turkey meatballs in the picture below came straight from the freezer. The whole meal came together in 30 or so minutes, allowing me time to get to the gym after work (sadly, I had to work), shower and pour our wine into a carafe.

But, I do have to commend the husband who not only set the table beautifully, but also made a fresh and delicious salad using our garden greens. Unfortunately, the salad was not photogenic. It was however, a great start to our dinner.
 The husband's napkin folding.
Presents from Florida -- funny wine and super hot gator sauce.

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