Bacon Fried Rice

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On our recent travels to Napa, we had a most delicious fried rice at The Kitchen Door. Well, the husband did, and I stole many forkfuls while we was busy gnawing on the short ribs that accompanied the rice. By the end of the meal, I was determined to recreate the recipe at home. I believe I succeeded. Kind of.

The husband declared my first attempt a winner, saying, "If only this had the bean sprouts it would be just as good." I was flattered, but I knew it was not only missing the sprouts, which I couldn't find on my route home, but also the shiitake mushrooms, which kind of slipped my mind.

Now, if you know me, you know I do not eat mushrooms. I know I know, they are so good. How could I not? Easy, they smell funny, I hate their taste and texture. I give them a try (more often than I should), but I just don't like them. But! If I was to eat a mushroom, I would eat shiitake. Not too meaty, mild in flavor. It might not taste great to me, but I could see it adding a certain flavor in a lot of dishes I enjoy, hence I'll sometimes suck it up and eat those little fungi.

Back to the recipe. The rice was delicious, and I didn't miss the mushrooms, but I knew the flavor was different because they weren't in there. But with their addition and the sprouts, I should be able to get a job at The Kitchen Door, for recreating that recipe so well.

Now, here's the other reason the recipe was only "kind of" a success. I didn't follow any recipe, or write things down. I just DID, moving rather quickly so I can get to the stupid gym. I know what went in, but how much? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully the pictures below will serve as a guide and I suggest tasting along the way, using common sense, and always starting with less, because you can't really remove soy sauce. So below is a list of ingredients and some estimations for the second most delicious fried rice I ever had. Enjoy.
Giant green onions from the garden. I do know I used them all for this recipe.
You can kind of get an idea of proportions here.
Bacon Fried Rice

1 1/2 cups of long white rice, I like working with rice cooked the day before
peppered Hungarian bacon, a slab about 2 in x 1 inch, diced
carrots, maybe 2, diced
peas, about a cup
1-2 celery ribs, diced
a few leaves of napa cabbage, chopped (The Kitchen Door did not have napa in their rice, this is all me folks)
green onions, I used two long onions, that I know
3-4 garlic cloves
ginger (a lot)
soy sauce
oyster sauce
2 eggs
sesame oil
grape seed oil

1) I started by scrambling some eggs and frying them up lightly in the grape seed oil. Set eggs aside.
2) Add a bit more oil to your pan, then fry up your bacon (this bacon is not so greasy) for several minutes. Add your carrots and celery.
3) After a few more minutes, add your garlic, cabbage, peas and oyster sauce. Coat, and add rice. Then in goes ginger and soy sauce.
4) Since you are working over high heat, stir often, taste quickly and make any adjustments. Then add the green onion and eggs, cook for just a minute or so, and remove from heat.

Make a large batch and have it for lunch the next day. And when you tell your dieting coworkers you're having bacon fried rice, they will give you dirty looks! But it will be worth it.

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