The Korean Conspiracy

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She's obviously hiding something.
With 2012 being the Korean year for our family of two, we've been shopping at our newly discovered market, checking out Korean food blogs, reading our Korean cookbook and trying out recipes at home. And we've noticed something. Despite following recipes to a tee, despite using Korean ingredients, our food, though good, is not quiet Korean. 

There are five magic Korean ingredients: sesame seeds and oil, soy sauce, gochujang (pepper paste) and gochugaru (pepper flakes). Apparently, that's all it takes, with the occasional addition of fish sauce, rice vinegar, green onions and sugar. Yet, we know there's something missing. 

Now I am not one for conspiracy theories. My middle brother seems to have inherited the conspiracy gene, leaving nothing for myself and the younger brother. But, there are secrets, Korean secrets, that are being kept from us. We're sure of it. It is the only reasonable way we can explain why our food tastes different. 

So now, 2012 is not only about Korean food, but also about uncovering the Korean conspiracy. If you, dear reader, have any insider info, don't hesitate to share. 

Coming up next... more of our not-quite Korean recipes.


  1. hi! i just found your blog while googling new food blogs last night and i absolutely love it. i always say that i have an inner asian and i feel like you do too. i totally agree with you re: koreans hiding some secret... i have been trying to perfect bibimbap and bulgogi and kimchi for years with no success. let me know if you figure out the secret and thanks for the awesome blog!

  2. welcome liz! i look forward to sharing any secrets i may uncover. stay tuned.