Napa and Tofu Salad with Miso Dressing

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I didn't intend for this salad to be this simple, but this is all I had in my fridge, and it proved to be just enough. Although there are only two real ingredients here, and sesame seeds, this salad is fairly substantial, and makes for a satisfying lunch. Also, it's vegetarian! There's not too much of that on this blog, so let's celebrate this tofu victory.

So what you see, is what you get. I fried (but not really fried) firm tofu in about a tablespoon on sesame and grape seed oil. I let the tofu cool, then sliced it up and placed it over finely shredded napa cabbage. I toasted sesame seeds, half which went on top of my salad, the rest into the dressing.

Now the dressing has a couple more ingredients, but still took me less than five minutes to make. In went miso paste, rice vinegar, sesame and grape seed oil, hot mustard powder, soy sauce and those seeds I toasted earlier. I tasted, I adjusted, I shook my little jar really hard, and the result was a delicious and refreshing dressing, with very subtle hints of miso.

Sure this salad would be better with carrots, cucumbers, thinly sliced bell peppers and sprouts, but, it was also good without any of those things. Hence, if you want to keep things simple, intentionally or not, this healthy and almost effortless salad offers a lot of flavor.

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