Rice Cake Soup (Ddeokguk)

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When eating out at Korean restaurants, we love to order this soup. It's comforting, subtle and delicious. I decided it was time to recreate this favorite at home.

Now I've got to be honest, this soup was not as good at home, as at Korean places. At least not on the first try. First, it didn't have dumplings, which although optional, are my favorite part. Second, I should have cooked the brisket whole and shredded it afterwards, instead of cutting it into pieces, as Maanchi's video suggested. And lastly, this soup was missing that secret Korean ingredient.

Despite what I've mentioned above, this rice cake soup was still tasty, just in a different way. And it's fairly simple to make. Next time, I will buy some dumplings to throw into the pot and experiment a bit with the ingredients, trying to unlock those protected secrets!

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