Palm Springs Weekend

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There's nothing really going on in Palm Springs. At least not last weekend, and I'm assuming most weekends. And that's exactly why I wanted to go. I wanted to celebrate our sixth, second-wedding anniversary in a quiet, relaxing way. Also, we hadn't been to Palm Springs in over 8 years, so we were due for a return visit.

Even though we had only spent two nights there the first time, and didn't remember much, at first glance, everything looked the same. Lots of palm trees, lots of seniors, nice modern furniture stores. But, upon a closer look, things were different. The hipsters had invaded the desert. They had their own hotels, restaurants and were hanging out on the side of the road, taking photos with their vintage cameras. There was even a food truck convention there.

Besides the hipsters, little else had changed. We spent our time drinking, eating and watching cable TV. And the husband was kind enough to arrange a spa day for me, so I also enjoyed soaking in mineral springs and getting massaged by Constantine.

If you haven't been to the desert recently, it's a quick, easy getaway. But, be prepared to spend money for this good, lounging time. It's probably due to the dry environment, but drinks are more expensive in the desert. And there's little else to do but sit back, have a cold drink and repeat.
The husband hiking to the moon. Actually, this was the sad part of our trip. Hiking in Palm Springs either costs money (and there's no way I'm spending money to hike), or is free and horrible.
Brunch at Norma's Diner at The Parker Hotel. If you look closely above, Tori Spelling's little ones are playing in the background.
The tram ride. Pretty expensive, but pretty amazing.
Nature, once you get off the tram, there's some hiking and stuff. Make sure you don't listen to your husband who insists you can hike in flip flops, in the snow. 
Trend watch 2012, bedazzled vehicles.
Palm Springs is like one long brunch!

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