Seafood Linguine, Easy as 1-2-3

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Although I wouldn't make a habit of it, sometimes it's perfectly fine to purchase a frozen seafood mix from Trader Joe's for a super quick, and super easy weeknight meal.

On this particular evening, I was tired, craving a big bowl of pasta, and not willing to cook. So, this mix was handy. Once defrosted, the seafood cooks in minutes. I sauteed garlic in olive oil, added pepper flakes, clam juice and white wine. Then went in the cooked linguine. The dish was looking sort of white, so I decided to add peas. The husband expressed his concern, and gave me a bit of a stink eye. He really can't be trusted in putting flavors together. I knew the peas would be delicious in here, but I didn't want to argue my case, instead, I said nothing, deciding to let the peas speak for themselves.

The final touch was a bit of fresh parsley from the garden, and within minutes, we were slurping up our bowls of pasta, enjoying a bottle of chardonnay and thinking the same thing, "she's always right about the peas!"

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