Breakfast for Dinner: Corned Beef Hash and More

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I know I didn't mention much about St. Patrick's Day, but it was great. Our friend came over and cooked. First she did all the shopping. Then there was some incident with her keys getting locked in the car. But eventually, she came over and cooked. And I watched Treme. Like three hours of Treme while she busied herself in the kitchen. Then we sat down and she served us dinner. And later, while the rest of us lounged, drinking our obligatory Guinness beers, she did the dishes. It was like being on vacation, but better, because I got to sleep in my own bed, not spend any money and there was no pile of dirty vacation laundry!

But there's more, my friends. There was a trip to the local pub. The crowd was weird, with talk of rape drugs, Karate moms, and the Valley. So, after a couple of drinks, the husband and I walked home in the pouring rain, and sat by our fireplace drying off. Cozy.

But it gets better. There were leftovers. A nice chunk of corned beef and potatoes. So, I decided to make corned beef hash. When done right, one of my favorite breakfast dishes. And by right, I mean not from a gross can. I happened to mention my dinner plans to some friends, and they happened to stop by with a bottle of rosé. Also known as breakfast wine.

But breakfast is not really breakfast without eggs and pancakes. So, we had both. Fresh eggs from the above-mentioned friends, who recently got chickens. And Korean kimchi and squid pancakes. My best Korean pancakes to date. I also stir fried some yellow squash, shiitakes and onions. Just for the fun of it.

Everything was delicious. The fresh eggs were rich and pretty. The hash was hashy, in a good way. The squid and kimchi pancakes might have been my favorite, savory and light. And the vegetables, well, they were good for us. A pretty successful breakfast dinner, if I shall say so myself.

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