Cast Iron Pizza

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Here's a perfect example of how a post with pretty pictures can be deceiving. But, I'm going to be honest here (because I did not make this pizza, the husband did), this pizza although pretty, needed work.

The troubles began a while back, when the husband forbid me to purchase store-bought pizza dough. From now on, the baking dictator declared, we shall only use homemade pizza dough! Fine, I didn't care so much. Not at first. But, soon, real soon, I learned this homemade dough was unpredictable. Sometimes we would get a pizza, sometimes, we'd end up with a calzone disaster, and other times, there's be tears and frustration (not from me, might I add), and we'd have to eat something else. 

This project started with leftover pizza dough from the freezer. Something the husband made a few months back. And the inspiration was a Bon App├ętit recipe for pizza baked in a cast iron. But, before I proceed, I feel like I need to back it up and provide some history.

For the last five or so years, the husband and his friend, have been making their annual camping trip to the woods in Sequoia. Apparently, there's lots of time spent by the campfire -- cooking, reading out loud and guitar serenades. There's also hiking and bathing in the lake. I've come to call this their Brokeback Trip. 

The meals on these camping trips are rustic, and the cooking equipment has been lacking. This past year, being the supportive wife I am, I purchased the campers a large cast iron pan. Apparently, this revolutionized their cooking, and the husband came home a new man. A lover of cast iron. Since then, we've added to our cast iron collection, and are now in constant debate on what's appropriate to cook in cast iron and what's not. 

The cast iron pizza concept intrigued us both. I was weary of using the husband's unpredictable dough, but I kept my mouth shut, probably because I was sipping wine. So, we followed the instructions, but not the recipe. Our pizza toppings were what we had in the pantry, no fancy clams or bacon. 

When the pizza emerged from the oven, it looked nice. Golden and all. But, cutting into it, we knew the crust was a bit too bready. Too doughy. Too thick. Although the husband used one pound of dough, it was too much. And my guess is his powerful homemade dough, which is sourdough wheat, was probably just too heavy. But, besides the whole dough problem, I liked the cast iron pizza. The crust was nice, everything baked evenly, and it just looked neat. So, if you want to follow the actual recipe, I've provided a link below. Godspeed! And do let me know how it turns out.
Clam, Chard, and Bacon Pizza

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