Chorizo Tacos From Scratch

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I remember the day the husband declared he was going to take on sausage-making. I rolled my eyes, said something funny and mean, and walked away. I also recall the day the husband received his hand-crank grinder as a gift. I was not thrilled. Where would we store this beast? Who's going to clean it? Yet here I am, publicly admitting that sausage-making at home is pretty darn cool. 

I realized, early on, that the husband's ambitions only went so far. And he needed someone by his side breaking down the meat, measuring out spices, and getting their hands dirty. He provided the vision and muscle, the rest had to come from elsewhere. I unwillingly stepped up, being the only other person in the room, and despite being totally grossed out by the natural casings, which are very, how can I say this nicely... slimy, and condomesque, I enjoyed the process. And, my spicing instincts, were fairly distinguished. It's like I was born to spice sausage. 

Here we are, two years later, spending our weekends grinding our own meat, by hand. On this most recent occasion, we joined forces with a friend, and made 16 pounds of chorizo. Our version is less greasier than what you'd find in the store, and much spicier. And I don't mean spicy hot, although its definitely got a nice hotness, but spicy flavorful. 

My favorite way to eat our chorizo is in tacos. We kept this meal pretty simple -- homemade beans with queso fresco, blackened jalapeƱos, avocado, and of course the delicious tacos, juicy and fragrant, topped with two kinds of onions, cilantro, and salsa. 

Recently, we hosted the father-in-law and uncle for brunch, as a thank you for their handy work around the house. We served our chorizo tacos, and the father-in-law kindly paid us this compliment, while eating seconds and thirds, "When you said Mexican food, I thought eh, really? But man, these are sooo good." So there you have it, better than EH!
If you have extra time on your hands, and are eager to try sausage-making at home, you could find the original recipe here, and our adjustments, here.

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