Sweet and Spicy Pork Chops & Potatoes with Kale

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As I sit here sipping on this sorta-medicinal ginger tea the husband picked up today, I'm amazed at how much I don't recall. I do not suffer from memory loss. Generally, I can remember events in great detail. But, it's hard to remember the day-to-day. What happened two weekends ago? What did we eat for for Christmas? I have a hard time answering these questions, and often reference this little blog, which serves as a time machine. So friends, I'm not simply blogging for you. I'm here documenting the mundane, the everyday meals, so I can look back and recall days and meals that obviously meant something, even if that something didn't last for very long.

I bring this up not because I'm feeling philosophical, but because I couldn't recall the last time we had pork chops! Obviously, I don't post every meal on here.There are many a night where my can of beans, or salad just don't flirt with the camera and never make it outside of the kitchen, but pork chops are a different story. And after searching around, it seems the last time I prepared chops was back in June. It was my first time brining. An important event. Yet, so quickly forgotten.

I have no clue why we haven't cooked pork chops since June. I mean, we've eaten plenty of pork, don't get me wrong, but I really enjoy a big, juicy pork chop, and it troubles me that its been nine months since I've prepared them at home. Nine months! That's a whole baby right there.

Now that I've put things into perspective, let's get back to the present-day pork chop dinner. (This tea by the way, is super gingery, and is distracting my thought process.) So these chops, were brined overnight. A few minutes before they were seared in my new cast-iron grill pan, I rubbed them with honey, roasted garlic salt, and Cayenne pepper. Pretty simple. I was a little light with the pepper, and could have used more, as these were thick chops. But overall, the flavors came together nicely.

Alongside these juicy chops, I threw some kale and boiled potatoes into a hot pan, browning the vegetables with a bit of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. This impromptu side dish was a hit. And I definitely won't be waiting nine months to make it again. Unless I forget it that is.

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