Eggplant and Tofu

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This dish is not so quick. It takes time to brown the tofu on all sides, and cook the eggplant, but it is worth the wait. Besides, while you wait, do the dishes, or clean your sink, there's always something you can do around the kitchen.

What I wanted as I drove home ont his particular evening was the eggplant and tofu dish you get at Chinese restaurants, the one in a garlicky black bean sauce. It's my go-to meatless option when I want a break. What I got was a substitute. I had no black bean sauce at home, so instead I mixed together oyster, hoison and soy sauce. It was close enough. The garlic was the key ingredient anyway.

The quick basic rundown, since I have no recipe here, cut up your tofu into cute little cubes, brown in some peanut oil, and set aside. Use the same pan to cook your eggplant, with a lot more oil, then add garlic, and the tofu back in, throw together your sauces, and cook everything for an additional 3 or some minutes. Serve over rice and enjoy!

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