A New Look (plus the story behind it)

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When I first came up with the concept for this blog in May 2009, I was sitting in my mansion, the mansion where I worked that is, looking at the fireplace in my office and thinking to myself, why don't I have a mansion? Where is my rich husband? Why am I not a tobacco heiress?

Of course, I knew the answers to all those questions. But, working in a fancy French Chateau-style mansion can make you question your life choices, and most importantly, fire up domestic desires which you never knew you had. I often pictured myself strolling through the gardens, sipping lemonade on the balcony (the one facing west with the best view) and baking pie in the pie room (yes, this place had a room dedicated to pie!). Then my phone would ring, and I'd have to get back to saving lives or dealing with a demanding bride --- I had a rather complex job description.

The time I spent in the mansion, coupled with the time I spent in my little condo kitchen, formed my housewife fantasies. One day, I sat down, started a blog and created myself a logo. And what I mean by "created" is that I borrowed images I liked, and after minor alterations, I had myself a logo! Although my Photoshop skills were rudimentary at that time, the lady with the shopping cart served me well. Yet I knew someday, someone might take offense to my borrowing of images from the internet, and I should probably change it, eventually.

Eventually happened to be several months ago, when I decided to tackle this logo redesign. I thought about it for a good month. I had some initial ideas, but needed the help of a professional, and an artist. And I knew just the artist to turn to.

My friend Sarah Tillman (this is a first EVER name drop on Housewife Fantasies, historic!) makes amazing prints and paintings. Her slogan used to be, "I can do that better and cheaper," referring to the reproductions people asked her to paint. So, on February 8, I wrote Tillman an email:

KK: Hey, so I've been wanting to redo my blog logo (since I kind of stole the one I now have, oops).  I was thinking of doing a print, but can't really draw. Would you consider sketching something for me, and I can carve it? Eh eh?

Here's some ideas I have, mostly having to do with aprons, but I'm open to different images that might convey housewifey things.

... and her response

ST: I'm in training for the next two days but I'm sure I can do whatever you want me to do.  I'd be happy to :)

There are a few things you might have picked up from the interaction above:
1) I am a visionary! And can give clear, inspiring direction.
2) Tillman loves making art for me.
2) Yes, February 8 was nearly two months ago.

Maybe it was wrong for me to assume (which I did because Tillman mentioned her inability to work on the logo for two days), that after the two days, work on my logo would begin. I assumed, that in a week's time, I'd be writing a post just like this, without this part, announcing my great new logo. For I had no doubts it would be great. My house walls are proof of Tillman's artistic abilities. But, a week went by, and nothing. I decided it was time for a quick, no pressure, breezy check-in. She was after-all doing this pro-bono.

me: so when can you work on a logo for me
Sarah: i can maybe work on it over the weekend
me: ok

Seriously, could that have been more breezy? Another few weeks, and more nothing. Not even a status update, so I decided to be a bit more assertive, and still light and funny.

me: where is my logo? have you been too busy dating?
Sarah: haha
  no I've been too busy working
  but now I'm leaving!
  i have to go order a cake for a wedding shower before I go to book club
me: but what about me?
Sarah: well you should chat me before 5?

I assumed that meant she went home to work on it, and left it alone for another couple of weeks. But then came late March, and there was still no logo conversations taking place, so I made yet another outreach effort.

me: tillman
  where is my logo?
Sarah: yes
  dammit karine
  quit bossing me!

Artists! At this point, I decided it might be time to start recruiting another artist friend.  Someone local I can visit if they should piss me off, but I gave myself a few more days, patiently hoping lazy Tillman (that is her official nickname) would get to work. And what do you know, on March 26, I get this chat:

Sarah: doing your logo tonight!
  starting it anyways :)
me: sweet
  i can't wait

Did you see that? Despite waiting for seven weeks, I was still nice, still breezy. Because I wasn't paying her, I decided that yelling would probably not be effective. And a week later, just when my patience was running low yet again, I received my logo. I opened the file, and smiled. It was just what I had imagined, but better. The image captured the lazy fantasy feel I had in mind, it incorporated an apron like I asked, and it was pretty darn cute. That Tillman! She might be slow, but she was really an artist, and a good one! I liked this logo so much, I decided to scratch the idea of making a print (at least for the time being, I didn't want to wait another month) and added color in Photoshop instead.

So here we are folks, a Housewife Fantasies original! In time for the blog's three-year anniversary. Hope you all like it as much as I do.

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