Tuna Salad Wrap with Watercress and Avocado

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"Oh man, I just feel so great after working out! I have all this energy! I  feel good!" Well, not me. I usually feel like SH*T. I know these people who feel "so great" after a workout. I hear their stories. And I curse them. Because not once, that's right, not even one single time, have I felt good. After my workouts, I am grumpy, tired and sometimes borderline depressed. What am I getting at? That it's hard for me to come home after the gym and cook dinner.

It's a good thing I have grown to like tuna salad. It requires zero cooking. There's light chopping, mixing and mostly can opening. Even in my disgruntled after-workout state, I can manage to throw together an appetizing tuna salad.

In this version, I used pickled onions for that extra deliciousness, and then decided to add celery seeds. I was really excited about adding the seeds. I only really use them in my Bloody Mary's and I had a feeling they might take my tuna salad to the next level. I was so eager about adding them, I tipped by spice container a bit too much and dumped A LOT of celery seed into the salad. Luckily, I was able to scoop the excess out, recover, and still pat myself on the back for thinking of this awesome ingredient. Because it truly did add a lot of great flavor.

To make this salad into a meal, I served it on a lightly grilled whole wheat wrap, layered with watercress and topped with avocado. I felt so healthy eating it, it made me think twice about this whole working out stuff.

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