Yakisoba with Korean Beef and Vegetables

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Yakisoba noodles are similar to ramen in texture and both are made of wheat flour. Like my ramen, I bought these at the Korean market in the refrigerated section, along with bulgogi marinated beef.

Not having a plan for dinner one evening, I pulled out a few vegetables, the noodles and beef and stir fried them all together. My yakisoba came with a little spice packet. I am apprehensive about spice packets, but gave this one a try just to make sure. And, I was pleasantly surprised. The dish came together beautifully. I was expecting this to be reminiscent of "Cup Noodles" but surprisingly there was no traces of that. Instead, the noodles, veggies and beef complimented each other, and we now have a new, quick meal to add to our  weeknight repertoire.