Grilled Red Snapper and Sage Butter Beans

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There are many meals that never make it on the blog. Some are not photogenic, others are just boring, and many others that are eaten in haste after a long day, and never get their close up. Although this Korean-style fish, has already made an appearance here, it is so good and easy to cook, I thought it deserved another mention, because it so happens it has become a regular at our dinner table.

I like the idea of grilling whole fish, and slowly picking at it, throughout dinner. I think cooking the entire fish, with bones and all, makes it tastier. I used the same ingredients as before, and along with it, served a watercress salad and butter beans cooked with sage in tomato sauce. That's another great thing about this fish recipe, it lends itself well to a lot of side dishes.

Let's move on to the giant beans. There's something about sage and white beans. Something delicious. We first tried a similar recipe years ago at a local Italian restaurant, and since then, have been recreating versions of it at home. First, I sauteed some garlic and fresh sage. Then I added my can of beans, a small can of tomato sauce, a bit of tomato paste, sage powder, salt and pepper, and let the beans cook for about 10 minutes. Top off with a bit more olive oil, and you've got yourself some tasty beans.

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