Potsy's Pig Party

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When your friend invites you to a suckling pig feast, you go. First because you are friends, and second because there's a whole baby pig involved. This birthday dinner, held at the Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, was an experience, one that left our tummies semi-full and our pockets, totally empty. Below is a photographic recap of the evening, starring Sterling the Pig, who joined our group of friends this past holiday season at the Christmas Eve Eve dinner.
The Pig! Or, Pig #1.
There were menus.
And friends.
And surprisingly, not a whole lot of pig.
The sides included rainbow carrots, au gratin potatoes, and my favorite, Brussels sprouts with bacon.
In the end, the pig brains platter appeared with toast and greens. I gave the brains a try. It tasted like a rich pâté, creamy and buttery. 
In the very end, there was a surprise pig cake, baked by the birthday boy's lady. It was impressive, and fleshy, filled with whipped cream and strawberries. 
A tender moment with Sterling.

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