A Day in Ojai: Music in the Park

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I like Ojai. It's a cute little town, where there's not much to do, except when the annual music festival happens. Then people show up to listen to music. And that's exactly what we did. We drove up on Sunday and drove down on Sunday. When we weren't driving, we ate, drank and listened to classical music. Now I'm not what you may call a true appreciator of classical music. I would say I'm barely an appreciator at all. But, I like a good picnic, and I like my friends. And I defnitely don't mind sitting outside listening to music while drinking wine and eating salami.

When we got to Ojai, we had a few hours to kill. First we walked around town, this took all of 15 minutes, then we decided to grab a drink before our picnic. We ended up The Hub. Although the bartender couldn't keep track of our five drinks, luckily, Alan, our newest friend, paid for these drinks, which we all knew we'd have to pay for in other ways. The price? Pool with one of the beautiful ladies. There was only one lady amongst us who was adventureous enough to play. The rest of us watched in great discomfort. Not only were both the pool players bad, but a sketchy character, right out of the TV show Prison Break was giving us all the stink eye, and moving closer to Alan. The game ended just in time, and after an awkward hug between Alan and our friend, whose pretty peach top he really liked, we ran out.

Thankfully, once we made it to the park and layed out our picnic blankets, the only panic we experienced was whether we had enough bottles of wine. After a quick discussion and someone using a sophisticated mathematic formula, it was determined three bottles, was simply not enough wine for five people, over a two-hour period. The men were sent for more wine, the ladies set out the edible goods, and music in the park had officially began. And it ended without anyone of us getting shanked. We can only hope Alan made it out of The Hub with a similar fate.
The lady in the pretty peach top.

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