Weeknight Salads

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You might have noticed that I haven't been posting so much recently. Or maybe you haven't. I'm not sure how observant you are. But, it's true, the posting has suffered due to increased evening working and working out. Instead of rushing home to make dinner, I am now rushing around or rushing to the Rose Bowl. And when I get home, I usually look in my fridge and then settle for a snack, popcorn, and a drink, whiskey. It's like I'm back in college, except my gourmet popcorn is from Whole Foods, topped with fancy sea salt. And I'm sipping on fine whiskey, with perfectly square ice cubes, instead of drinking Jack out of a flask. It is important to maintain classiness, even if one is lazy and tired.

On the days when I'm not too tired to eat, I typically prepare myself a quick salad, like the one above. On this particular night, I sauteed squash, then threw together butter lettuce, blue cheese, kidney beans, and olives. I had an orange vinaigrette left over from earlier in the week, and along with my squash, I called this salad dinner, probably (definitely) wishing I was eating fish tacos instead.

On another note, I have started reading War and Peace. Even though I am a huge fan of the Russians, I have avoided this book for a long time. It is big and intimidating, 1200+ pages. And usually, big books don't scare me, but there was something about this one that just didn't call out to me. So, I ignored it, letting it's heavy weight impress guests who browsed our bookshelves. But recently, I have been disappointed with the books that have crossed my reading path. I don't think I've enjoyed reading anything since finishing John Updike's Couples, many months ago, which not unlike Revolutionary Road  left me disguested with the world. But at least it was engaging, in that depressing, exhausting sort of way.

And now, I think it's time to let the Tolstoy do his trick -- bore me with long, confusing names and have me wishing I was living in a cold countryside estate, knitting my days away. Although, I am already having a hard time keeping track of the characters, at page 8, my goal is to finish this monster story by the summer's end. Good luck to me!

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