Tzatziki, Taste Your Cucumbers!

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Sometimes you have to give others the opportunity to say "I told you so" by completely ignoring your own advice. Because it's a tough job to be constantly right. Others don't like it.

When I made tzatziki for 4th of July, I definitely didn't do what I always tell the husband to do, taste the cucumbers. Maybe because these were home-grown cucumbers, or maybe because I wanted to take a risk, but most likely because I forgot and didn't think twice, I made my salad/dip without that quick and simple taste test. The one that all sensible cooks should make. And so, my tzatziki had some delicious bites, and some bitter bites, each spoonful a surprising uncertainty. The lesson learned here, don't sacrifice this delicious dip by leaving things to chance. I'm sure if I try hard enough, I could find other opportunities to be wrong for the sake of others. From now on, I will give each cucumber a nibble before creating cucumber-based dishes. It's the right thing to do.

32 oz yogurt, strained
2 medium cucumbers, seeded, finely chopped
a generous  handful of herbs such as dill, mint and purple basil, chopped
lemon juice, 2-3 tbsp
2-4 garlic cloves, minced
salt and pepper to taste

Now if I hadn't let this bitter cucumber slip by, my tzatziki would have been absolutely delicious. For my version, I like to use a mixture of herbs, combining dill, mint and purple basil. 

Combine all your ingredients, mix well and refrigerate for several hours before serving.

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