Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Vegetables

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Let's start with the negative here. There were two things wrong with this curry, 1) the husband's homegrown green beans were a bit tough, and 2) it needed more chili peppers. If you don't mind tough green beans or are not looking for a super spicy curry, this would have been perfect for you.

This curry was made for two reasons (we have a theme of two's going), 1) I wanted to use the lemongrass and basil from our garden, and 2) we emptied our freezer and had to do something with the chicken. So I gathered whatever vegetables we had on-hand -- potatoes, carrots, peas and jalapenos -- and got to work. What I really liked was the addition of bamboo shoots. They take a curry to the next level.

I used a green curry paste, then added curry powder as well. Your other essential will be ginger, coconut milk, lemongrass, chili peppers and broth. I always eye-ball it, and then taste as I go along, adding more curry powder or a splash of fish sauce. I definitely could have used more chili peppers, but only had two at home. Next time, I will try not to be so lazy and drive to a nearby market. Because I enjoy some heat in my curry. I've tried following a curry recipe once, but it turned out too bland. Now I just do what I like, and hope for the best. This works for curry, and most arguments with the husband.

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