Wheat Berry Salad with Grilled Corn and Avocado

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After spending several days in a row eating out, quality time in the kitchen was in order. The husband and I picked up some nice-looking salmon, and I set out to make another grain salad as a side dish. After looking through my pantry, I found a little bag of wheat berries, which I had never used before, and knew the time had come.

So why are wheat berries called wheat berries? I was dissapointed that Wikipedia did not provide me with a good explanation. It just told me that wheat berry refers to the entire wheat kernel. Thanks for nothing, Wikipedia! Instead of doing additional research, I gave up instantly and moved on to find out how long I have to cook this berry. It turns out, you cook it like barley, about 40 minutes.

After boiling my wheat berries, I let them cool, and looked for ingredients in my fridge to add to my salad. I found corn, which we grilled and shaved off the cob, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, avocados and green onions. For my dressing, I added a good splash of lemon juice and olive oil. After seasoning with salt, pepper and paprika, we ended up with a hearty, but fresh summer grain salad. Here's what I liked -- the grilled corn added a smoky and sweet flavor, the avocado provided a creamy contrast to the chewy texture of the wheat berries, and the tomatoes and herbs contributed that summer lightness. Wheat berries, you won my heart at first try. I shall eat you again.

For the salmon, I kept it super simple. Placed on a bed of fresh rosemary and thyme, I topped the fish with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, and wrapped it in parchment paper. A short 17-20 minutes later, a fragrant and steamy salmon emerged.

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