K-Town Adventures

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When our friends lived in Korea Town, we hated visiting them. Parking was always a nightmare. The drive over was unpleasant. Their apartment had a strange mini door next to the bathroom. But, all that is besides the point. The point is, if we wanted to see them, we had to make the occasional trip to K-Town. And it so happened, the food around their neighborhood was delicious. In particular, they introduced us to the best bibimbap around at Gamjabawi. This little stand is located in a food court at a strange Korean  mini-mall, creatively called Koreatown Plaza.

Every time I've visited this Plaza, it's been near-empty. I am puzzled how the stores, selling strange, but high-end goods stay in business. The food court however, is almost always busy, with people sitting over various size and color bowls of steaming noodles or rice, or other things I don't recognize.

Yesterday evening, I spent a couple of hours in the Plaza with a group of friends, exploring the deserted shops, and eating delicious food. I captured our outing with my new phone, which actually has a good camera. Apparently, they've been making these type of phones for years now!
 Three amazing levels. Faded pink tile, bright yellow lights, and there's even a water feature.
 I love house slippers, and had to try my hardest not to buy a pair in red flannel, and blue and green.
 Grilled, plastic food anyone?
 Owl tea pots and cups.
 Gotta have some Crunk Juice in grape flavor.
 Not sure what is going on here, but those teeth are incredible.
 Sisterly love. I wonder what the man on TV is talking about? He looks sad. 
 Steamed pork and vegetable buns. 
 She's excited.
 The best bibimbap, it's appropriately #1 on the menu. 
We tried the potato pancake too. We like to eat. 

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