Pumpkin Carving and Chili Night 2012

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Now in its fourth year, this annual tradition keeps getting bigger and better. This year, there was an addition of prizes, dessert, and more pumpkin carvers. I also started knitting a new scarf, my first of the season!
A sugar pumpkin from the garden. My simple fall decor.

I use four different types of beans -- chili, pinto, kidney and black.
Peppers, also from the garden.
This year, I added beer to my chili for the first time. Not a bad idea. 
Butcher paper laid out to catch pumpkin guts, brilliant. I am sad this wasn't my idea. 
The carvers. We had a record six this year. 
Chili toppings.
 The husband's ghost octopus with only seven tentacles. 
First-year contestants. 
The winning pumpkins: "Floating in Space" and "Moon spider". Titled by me. 
The winners with their prizes (left to right). Best Overall (space) and Most Artistic (spider).
The husband's bread pudding with a whiskey sauce. A nice way to end the evening. Although, I think the official ending was with whiskey shots. 


  1. Hey Karine, got the b'day card from you via UFC! The chili looks good. Where's the recipe??

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  3. hi there! so, i've posted the chili recipe back in '09, http://www.kkhousewifefantasies.com/2009/11/annual-pumpkin-carving-and-chili-night.html. i've been tinkering with it since then. i now add dried chiles and beer. enjoy!