Smoked Fish Dinner, and Figs for Dessert

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For the last 32 hours, my parents have been staying with us. So, I am currently drunk, and have quarantined myself from the chaos that is mom and dad. I have not said the words "shut up" this many times... well, ever. And I know it might sound harsh to tell your parents to shut up. Especially if you have normal parents, but, I don't, and in no way are my words harsh or rude. I just want them to stop fighting and yelling over each other. I don't know how else to respond, who to listen to, and how to keep track of the arguments. I miss the silence that usually fills my home, my thoughts, my marriage. I miss it. Another 20 hours to go. Luckily, I'll be asleep for 10 of those hours, and take off to work early. Maybe extra early, just for the sake of it.

Blogging about smoked fish while my parents are here seems very appropriate. I remember eating smoked fish as a kid, and my parents drinking beer. We didn't have beer in the house often. The booze of choice was vodka, or cognac. But when we had smoked or dried fish, the beer came out, and as a little kid, I got excited.

I know this isn't everybody's thing. Smoked fish is an acquired taste, but I love it, and it makes for an easy and different weeknight meal. Now. you might be wondering, what type of fish is this. Or you might not. But, I couldn't tell you either way. Because that's the beauty of shopping at ethnic markets. Sometimes things are just labeled "Smoked White Fish" and you can ask the person behind the deli counter what kind of fish it is, but you'll most likely get a dirty look of confusion, or a grunt. It's just better not to ask, and go with it, whatever "it" might be.

There are rules to having smoked fish. You must eat it with boiled potatoes. There must be a light beer and mustard involved. And if you're not feeling too lazy, you should make some cabbage. I usually steam and saute mine stove-top with some cider vinegar, mustard powder, garlic and salt. Easy and delicious. It ties the whole meal together. 

I want to wrap this up by mentioning the figs. Because it's not often that I do dessert, especially on a weeknight. But, who am I kidding? These figs were not really dessert. All I did was slice them in half, drizzle the fruit with honey and serve alongside rosé wine. Despite the lack of any real effort, they were delicious, and a perfectly sweet ending to a salty meal.

I believe this post has come to end, and it is not yet 9 pm. I wonder if my parents would like Parks and Rec? I'm going with not so much. But, I do know they are already tired of the one English channel I have, so I'm going to give it a shot.

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