Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, BC

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Here's what I knew about Vancouver before our trip:
1) It's in Canada, but not far Canada like Montreal, so they speak English there.
2) The 2010 Winter Olympics were held there.
3) On the show Property Virgins, people always want to live near downtown Vancouver.
4) The food scene is supposed to be pretty good.
5) People always threaten to move there when/if things get bad here.

Here's what I know after visiting:
1) There are a lot of Asian people in Vancouver, especially Chinese.
2) It's a pretty new city, only 125 years old, and they have a lot of glass in their buildings. This makes the city very photogenic at night.
3) There are a ton of restaurants everywhere. In all of my travels, I have never seen such a huge diversity of restaurant types. On every block there was Indian, Green and Chinese food. No one must be cooking at home.
4) Stanley Park is pretty big and incredible.
5) Vancouver has some nice nature and a lot of bridges.

Although it was a fun and delicious place to visit, I don't think Vancouver is my "back up" place to live. They ask way too many questions at the border!
The city sparkles at night.
 Stanley Park.
The best clam chowder. Eaten in the pouring rain.
 One of the many bridges.
 The free, short, and not famous suspension bridge. Also, the workers at the gift shop did not like us buying gifts. 
 The tastiest and prettiest oysters of the trip. All local to BC.
 Char with leeks, and Israeli couscous. Incredible.
Some famous steam clock in Gastown. It makes a noise every 15 minutes. 
We didn't see any police during the trip, but I bet they were doing a great job behind the scenes. That city was safe!

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