Celebrating with Pork

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Last year, the husband got two fancy dinners in honor of his 30th birthday. This year, he still got two dinners, but things were a bit more casual and I didn't spend four days in the kitchen, half of the time with no electricity, trying to decide what to do with our homemade ice cream. Nope, that wasn't stressful at all.

Dinner number two involved pork butt and friends. A quiet evening at home, with a fire and lots of beer.
The husband requested a Christmasy tasting pork. I think I delivered. I seasoned the pork with cloves, mace, cinnamon and a dozen of other spices, slow cooked it in Porter beer, and shredded it for tacos.
  The homemade pickled onions turned delicious pork tacos into extra delicious tacos.
 And we had a baby pay a special visit. She cried a lot, then left.
 The gentlemen above, and the ladies below. Two different sides of the room, like middle school dances.
Our friend wouldn't leave and spent the night. You let someone house sit once, and they think they own the place. 

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