Fall to Winter Transition

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I know what you're going to say, it's not winter yet. But, I don't care. Close enough. I've been a little negligent of this blog. It took me a month to adjust to being back from vacation. And then I got busy. And maybe a little lazy, but mostly busy. And during this month, a lot happened. Too much to cover in individual posts, so this is a quick overview of recent highlights.
There was Thanksgiving. Delicious Thanksgiving.  And then there was lots of leftovers, including a turkey carcass that was transformed into turkey noodle soup.
We celebrated our 2nd house anniversary with homemade pasta and scallops. 
It finally cooled down and even rained for a few days. We took advantage of the gloomy weather to explore the cemetery in our hood. It's really old and interesting, and a dog tried to attack us there. The husband claims it was a ghost dog.

Our friend and the husband celebrated their 31st birthdays. For her birthday, we took a boat ride through Naples in Long Beach. It was a sparkly night, where there might have been an almost accident in the canals. Almost.

The husband celebrated twice, once with Korean food and the second time with tacos, more on that to come soon.
 We explored the Devil's Gate Dam off the 210.
I learned how to use the panorama feature on my iphone while I watched the husband plant the winter garden.
And, we've decorated and await the many holiday festivities. 

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