Kimchi and Squid Pancakes + Pantry Re-org

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I've been avoiding cleaning out my pantry for weeks. Even though this is the kind of household task I'd normally enjoy, I've been feeling sluggish and wanting to spend all my free time on the couch, watching Downton Abbey and knitting. But, one glorious morning, I decided not only will I finally reorganize the out-of-hand pantry, but also make myself some Korean pancakes.

Typically, I'd stick to just kimchi in my pancake, but, I had some seasoned squid, and decided to go all out. The mixture is part rice flour, part regular flour, and then you add in water and your ingredients to get a nice pancake batter consistency. I don't measure anything, I just play around until it feels right.

I use peanut oil and a cast iron pan to get a nice crisp outer layer. And make a little dipping sauce with soy sauce and sesame oil. These make for a great snack, morning or night.
Obviously not a gluten-free home.
The pantry clean-up took longer than expected, but it sure felt good afterwards. Now why can't I get that same satisfied feeling after a workout?

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