Korean Food: Ramen, Dumplings and Banchan

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Although we are almost done with 2012, there's still a month left to stick to my New Year's resolution and eat more Korean food. In fact, this week, to celebrate the husband's birthday, we are going out for Korean.

And during the past month, we have been feasting on some quickly thrown together Korean meals, mostly consisting of banchan variations, dumplings and kim chi ramen.
Korean inspired vegetable stir-fry. I even sacrificed and added mushrooms for the husband, even though I could have done without them. Love, sigh.
Vermicelli and veggie dumplings from the Korean market. I usually stay away from frozen dumplings, but these were tasty and great for weeknights.
The Korean plate -- spinach, sprouts, veggies, cabbage kim chi, squid and dumplings.
My ultimate quick, comfort meal is ramen. I like to jazz it up with kim chi (especially the juices), silky tofu, fresh napa, green onions and whatever else I might have in my fridge. I've never had dried ramen, but I assume it's pretty bad. I stick to the stuff you find in the refrigerated section. In about 10 minutes, you have a steamy bowl of delicious soup. Can't really beat that.


  1. We need to go back to Young Dong Tofu in Arcadia! This all looks delicious! I recently made Tahini bread. It turned out great, though wondering if you can double check my work..haha :)

  2. I would love to be your double-checker!