Juicing: How I spend 20 minutes a day

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This year, I skipped a New Year's resolutions/goals post. My goals are fairly boring -- more fruit, more tennis, more cocktails, less meat before dinner. What kind of post would that make???

The thing is, I don't love fruit. I love berries, I enjoy grapefruit. But, the rest is kind of a chore. When I eat a banana or orange, I look around, waiting for someone to give me a reward. Sadly, no one ever does. So, I decided to give juicing a try and drink my fruits, along with some vegetables. I haven't seen the juicing movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (I just Googled juicing movie everyone!). And I haven't read up on all the benefits. But, I assume there're plenty. I DID however do research on decent juicers under $100 that are not ginormous, purchased one on Zappos, received it the next day, and have been enjoying some interesting juices for the last several weeks.

I knew I'd never stick to recipes, so I haven't bothered with any. I've seen enough juice combinations on the internets and at restaurants, and have managed to trust my instincts. I quickly learned a few helpful things:

-When in doubt, add ginger or lemon.
- Red cabbage juice is delicious.
- I find beets too sweet, so I need to balance them with something like grapefruit.
- Carrots are a nice starting point.
- Warm juice is disgusting, I like to chill or drink over ice.
- I'm way to lazy to juice in the mornings before work. I prepare my juices the night before and store them in mason jars.
- I don't want to drink juice for dinner, but I enjoy it for breakfast and lunch.
- Don't waste your juice pulp, you can compost it or find friends with chickens. Apparently, chickens love juice pulp!
So far, I've enjoyed every juice I've made, and find the hearty, green juices easier to drink than anything sweet. There I go again discriminating against the poor, sweet fruit. But the husband likes the sweet (girly) juices, so I've been doing a little of both. While I tend to sip and enjoy my juices, at a leisurely pace, he does juice shots, like he's in some sort of competition. It's quiet the sight.
 Juicing after a workout. Disclaimer: juice was followed by cheese and champagne.
Juice and laundry folding. Could things get more exciting on a Saturday afternoon? Yeah. Right.

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