Wine Country Getaway

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Since I had time off after Christmas, I was determined to take a few days and go somewhere, anywhere. After checking airfares, my daydream of a snowy trip to visit a friend in Pittsburgh were quickly and totally crushed. $800 to fly to Pittsburgh. Ha. That's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!  I flew to Thailand for $700. And that's Thailalnd, Thailand!

So instead, I settled for a little getaway to central California to see the ocean, drink wine and eat oysters. It's been a while since I've been to Paso Robles and Cambria in Winter. Unfortunately, the husband was working. And so was everyone else I knew, except the brother-in-law. So me and the BIL ended up on the 101, after a late start, and drove, very quickly, without stopping, straight to Tablas Creek Vineyard.

We made excellent time, witnessed three rainbows and got to our first winery at around 4 pm. We were nervous, most places closed at 5:30 and we wanted to drink wine, lots of it. Four wineries later, at 6 pm, feeling extremely proud of our speedy wine tasting skills, we headed toward the coast, for dinner at the Sea Chest.

If you've never been to Cambria, it's worth a visit. It's a sleepy town, mostly for old people or couples, (perfect for traveling with your brother in law!). The town itself, I can skip, but Moonstone Beach is pretty magical. I like the fog, the rocky seashore lined with pine trees, listening to the water in the dark. I like being full and tipsy and walking along the boardwalk, careful to watch my step.

The trip, though short, was fun. We tried new wineries, saw disgusting sea elephants, ate good food. And, I managed to pick up a "couple" of bottles of wine for the next few dinner parties.

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