'Tis the Season for Dining Al Fresco

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Ahhhhhh, it's here. Summer. With it comes the heat, soft hum of ceiling fans, meals outdoors and breezy cocktails.

I've been indulging in variations of the gin and tonic. Gin and tonic with Thai basil, with tarragon, or cucumber and even apricots. I've also spent little time in front of the stove. And we've been eating cheese, salads, cold cucumber yogurt soup and grilling just about everything.

The backyard is pleasant and tranquil in the evenings (except for tonight, it seems we have young neighbors that snuck into our hood and are having too much fun for Altadena, singing "Happy Birthday" loudly on a Thursday night!). But on a regular night, it's easy to be transported to different place, with crickets chirping noisily and all the lofty greenery enveloping the yard. You feel secluded and carefree, your only worry being the next drink and who's eventually going to wash the dishes.

Below are photos of recent meals and drinks, enjoyed with family and friends (and their little ones!) al fresco.
The 5:30pm Friday cocktail face. Cheers!

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