Summer Wine Tasting

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I have been meaning to write about the pork party we had in July, but, that would require actual writing, and finding of recipes. And since I've had little time at home this past month, I thought I'd post photos of a recent wine trip to Paso Robles instead. Photos and captions!
Sculptera Winery. Caption one, done!
Tipsy at Castoro. Still fun, after all these years.
Breakfast burritos in Cambria.
Someone found a beaver in the tree. He looks pleased.
Dinner time. Salmon bisque.
 More dinner. We had the best view (look past the glasses) of the ocean.
 Dusk walk.
Cheese platter love at Cass.
Post brunch Cambria stroll.
Wine trip close-ups are a must.
Wine tasting gangsters. 

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