Austin Town

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What can I say about Texas, besides... I don't like it. I know, I know, there are people who live there, by choice, and love it. But, I wonder about those people, including our friend Tillman.

This was our second, and hopefully final trip to visit her, and we had a great time! But, let's get serious, I want to spend my vacation days in Hawaii or Pt. Reyes, not Austin. You hear, Tillman?! Move back and we'll go to Hawaii, where it's pleasant hot.

Despite our general dislike of the entire state, Austin is fun (sigh), and we ate and drank and sweated a lot. Below are some highlights...
Look at them clouds!
 Crab and shrimp queso.
 Drinks and pretzels with beer cheese at Easy Tiger.
 Tacos and more queso.
 My favorite meal was at Contigo. Pretty drinks above and delicious appetizers below.
Exploring Wimberley.
The Blue Hole. On this day, it was contaminated with poop from nearby ranches. So we weren't allowed to swim, but Tillman really wanted to.
 My favorite photo of the trip.
 Oysters, girlie drinks and eating outside in the rain.
The homestead, and evil cat #2. We did not become friends.

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