Couch Day 2013: With Jambalaya and Board Games

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When we sent out the invite for this year's Couch Day celebration, a friend of ours had the audacity to ask if we were going to be replacing our couches soon, since it's been like eight years. Umm, of course not. That's why we picked brown couches in the first place. They show no stains and looked old from day one! 

This year's event had some first-timers, a new menu, red pants (see photo above) and more board games than I cared for. But, overall, it was a deliciously tiring day, like always, that stirred in me (and I hope everyone else) a deep appreciation for our lovely couches -- couches that provide so much for us, and ask for so little in return. Oh, Couch Day, you get me every time!
Our recent Texas travels inspired me to make jambalaya. I wish at the end of this post, I could share a recipe with you, but, I combined like three recipes to make this, and don't recall what I did. But it turned out pretty good. And we did end up adding a whole smoked chicken to this dish, which proved to be a great idea. 
Shrimp and scallions went in during the last 20 minutes. 
There was a lot of chopped salad.
Our friend got us a wood bingo set for Christmas, and he insisted we finally break it in. I hadn't played bingo since high school, when the old aunts in the family would bring out the Armenian version at family gathering. It was as boring as I had remembered.
And there was Jenga.
The tradition of photos on the porch lives on...
Viva el dia de sofá!

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