Fish Cooked in Fig Leaves (and other stuff!)

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I have been waiting for fall impatiently -- complaining about the heat, praying for rain, and wearing sweaters and then regretting it. But it's finally starting to cool down, and even though my phone tells me it's going to be near 90 again this Wednesday, I know fall is here. It's dark by 6:45 pm and too cold to eat outside. That is what I'll miss the most about summer, sitting outside and enjoying a leisurely dinner in the backyard.

Although I've said goodbye to summer a while back, I keep stumbling upon meals I've photographed and forgotten to post. This one stands out because it was definitely the most spontaneous and uncertain of the bunch. We invited friends over and hadn't planned out the menu. Last minute the husband suggested this fish recipe from the book, Spain... A Culinary Road Trip, and he took off foraging for fig leaves, while I searched my pantry for fig jam. I picked tomatoes from the garden for a tart and we decided to make fresh pasta and pesto.

I had full confidence in my tart and pasta, but, this fish dish seemed fussy. It ended up tasting good, the fig leaves gave the halibut a very subtle earthy flavor. I'm just not sure I loved it. It was pretty and interesting, but, I wanted it to be better. You can find the recipe here.
The tart on the other hand, could not have been better. It was as good as the original I prepared for the first time for ladies brunch.
 The pasta was also delicious, coated with nutty pesto.

I sat in the backyard long after our guests departed, enjoying the summer night and sipping on vodka lemonade. Now I can't wait to sit by the fireplace, knit and drink red wine.

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