Fall so Far

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The last few months seemed to have flown by at a super fast pace. Wasn't it just August? And I haven't done a good job of taking photos while I cook. But there's been a lot of cooking, and eating, sprinkled in with interesting fall activities. Below are a few highlights from September on.
We ate at Neptune's Net for the first time. And there's a new Japanese restaurant in town, Osawa. It's pretty sweet, and I saw Tig from Sons of Anarchy there!
This has been the season of sazeracs. We've been drinking them out and at home. Oh, and roasted garlic with sea salt, spread on bread, is amazing.
I've been making lots of Asian soups -- miso, ramen, udon.
 Breakfast of champions -- blueberry ricotta pancakes and bagels.
 Dinners by the fire = lots of grilled cheese.
 First lasagna of the season, loaded with sausage.
 Quick easy dinners, lentils over mashed potatoes and fish chowder.
 Testing turkey recipes on chicken.
 The husband experiments with rolls for Turkey Day.
Oh, and I conquered my fear of keeping my head underwater and finally learned how to swim properly! It's been pretty great, and I'm swimming a whole mile. Is it too late to join the Olympic team?

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