Pittsburgh in November

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The last time I visited Pittsburgh it was in June 2010. It was hot, it rained, I didn't see much of the city. I do recall our friends' place, the neighborhood, the food.  This time, I got to visit for work, and took a few extra days to catch up with the friends. I stayed downtown, ate a lot of meat, and got to see snow. Let me clarify, it snowed on me! I haven't seen it snow in some time, so this was pretty exciting. The next day the temperature dropped to 19 degrees and my excitement, along with every part of me, froze.
Two delicious meals at The Butcher & the Rye and Meat & Potatoes.
 Downtown was bit sad. But still pretty.
 I spent an afternoon at the Carnegie Museums. There was a lot going on. If you're into dinosaurs, you'd like the place.
Then it snowed, and it was magical. 
 Seafood pie.
Flying fat lady in an apron.

 Keeping warm in Pittsburgh = quality radiator time.
Who knew these existed?
My cute hosts.


Shishito Peppers and Baked Trout

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I had a lot of good intentions to write during the last few weeks, but, I've either been super busy at work, or super not busy at home. This weekend, we decided to stop the day-long naps and do some stuff. And we've had a productive time preparing to host friends and family for the holidays -- plum chutney, preserved lemons, marmalade and potato, leek and corn chowder. A happy day of working in the kitchen together. With so much on our plates, I let go of some of my control issues and even let the husband chop things. 

This meal of shishito peppers and trout was from months ago. I almost shelved it. But, it was deliciously memorable because it was 1) my first time making these peppers, a frightening process and 2) fun to eat, hence I wanted to relive it.

This blog serves for me like a time capsule, and I often take a look back at a certain month in various years to see what we had eaten and how things have changed. It is interesting to be able to reference the documentation of mostly our kitchen life, and take a moment to reflect. 

I have taken the easier route by regularly posting of the Facebook account, but realize I miss writing. I miss hearing the husband talk about sharing the blog posts with his coworkers. I miss the process of chronicling and archiving my food, and thus my life. So I'm making a goal to take time and do this more often. 
The trout was drizzled with olive oil and stuffed with fresh tarragon, lemon and garlic. Seasoned with roasted garlic salt and lots of pepper, I baked it at 350 degrees for about 18 minutes.
Blistered Shishito Peppers

Peanut oil
sea salt
bonito flakes

Fill a large pot or dutch oven with about an inch of oil, and heat until very hot. Add peppers, making sure not to crowd your pan, cover quickly and step back. Things are splattering all over the place. Make sure to wear an apron, and possibly some eye protection. Flip peppers once, they cook very quickly, and place on paper towels. Top with sea salt and bonito flakes.


Video Time: Poetry Night with Galettes

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Poetry Night from KK Housewife Fantasies on Vimeo.

It is only appropriate that this video was completed just in time for the husband's birthday, today. As he's the thespian organizer of this fine evening, and is featured prominently (though a bit creepy perhaps) in this video. 

Happy 32nd, Grego! Many you continue your path to Clooney-esque white hair, to sharing your many passions with others -- be it gardening, sausage-making or baking -- and of course being a creepster in these videos. 


Always keeping the ladies at arms length.