Pittsburgh in November

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The last time I visited Pittsburgh it was in June 2010. It was hot, it rained, I didn't see much of the city. I do recall our friends' place, the neighborhood, the food.  This time, I got to visit for work, and took a few extra days to catch up with the friends. I stayed downtown, ate a lot of meat, and got to see snow. Let me clarify, it snowed on me! I haven't seen it snow in some time, so this was pretty exciting. The next day the temperature dropped to 19 degrees and my excitement, along with every part of me, froze.
Two delicious meals at The Butcher & the Rye and Meat & Potatoes.
 Downtown was bit sad. But still pretty.
 I spent an afternoon at the Carnegie Museums. There was a lot going on. If you're into dinosaurs, you'd like the place.
Then it snowed, and it was magical. 
 Seafood pie.
Flying fat lady in an apron.

 Keeping warm in Pittsburgh = quality radiator time.
Who knew these existed?
My cute hosts.

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