Tulum Travels and Other News

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This past week was spent on a beach in Tulum, Mexico. Besides road trips to Baja for lobster and beer, we've never traveled to Mexico. We quickly learned border crossings by car or by plane take a really long time.

The pace of life is much slower there, and that translates into getting through customs, picking up your rental car, and other things you might expect to be more efficient, like restaurants being open when they are supposed to (thanks Hartwood!). But, that also means long breakfasts, lots of hammock lounging, and post-dinner drinks on the beach. This was the first time we've literally stayed on the beach, in a little bungalow of a hotel called Mestizo, about 50 feet from the water. And although it rained a lot while we were there, the nights were warm and it was peaceful to fall asleep to the sounds of waves, wind and rain.
 First breakfast at Ana and Jose.
 The Tulum ruins. Those Mayans sure picked a good spot.
 Day trip to Valladolid and the Cenote Zaci.
 Lots of shrimp cocktails, mole and agua frescas.
I had delicious panuchos, empanadas and sopes.
 Morning hammocking, followed by breakfast and evening hammocking.

A delicious lunch at Taberna de los Frailes in Valladolid - fish empanada, chorizo and pork.
We had the beach to ourselves. We didn't see more than 15 people at a given time. 
Seafood lunch at El Camello Jr. We went a little overboard with ceviche, a shrimp cocktail, octopus tacos and calamari in garlic sauce. 

The most memorable drinks and dishes were at Casa Jaguar. We had crazy good cocktails loaded with herbs and fruits, fresh snapper topped with ricotta and a passion fruit salsa and the always satisfying conchinita pibil. And there was dessert of corn bread with chocolate sauce and charred bananas.
Hola! Beach selfie. 
Oh, I've been slow on the blogging thing this past few months because I've been too busy being miserable growing a baby, while watching a lot of Friday Night Lights. October is harvest month and we're prudently excited for our lives to be turned upside down. I'm been told to enjoy my energy-lacking 16-hour days of sleeping, until they are gone forever.

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