Garden Meals

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Every few days, the husband brings home a basket of goodies from his satellite garden. And so, the last several weeks there's been a lot of vegetable eating -- salads, bruschetta, stir fries. I've been putting our herbs to good use to freshen up everything from chicken salad (above) to pasta dishes. Below is a collection of deliciously memorable meals from the past month.

Sauteed squash, and green beans with minced pork. The husband fell in love with this green beans stir fry. I used coconut oil which added a nice subtle flavor.

 Giant salads featuring giant beans, cucumbers, radishes, olives, romaine, herbs and burrata.
Crab cakes with coconut mango rice, and a cauliflower salad with chickpeas and garden veggies.
For the Game of Thrones finale, we grilled some bread, and slathered it with goat cheese.Then I topped half of the bread with roasted tomatoes and the other half with figs and blue cheese. Served with cucumbers and peaches, these little toasts were almost too pretty to eat.
 Blue cheese and figs are a winning combo.
One night, I came home to a kitchen full of dudes making a mess. The result was homemade pasta and sauce, grilled vegetables and homemade fennel sausage. This past weekend, the husband and his friend purchased a beast of a grinder. There shall be lots more sausage in our future.

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