Lamb Sandwiches and Growing Babies

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I have obviously been failing at blogging. And despite managing to cook at least 3-4 days a week, I'm NOT managing to take photos or remember recipes or do the dishes (the husband has been on dishes duty for a long time). I am however managing to work and keep the baby clean and fed. So that's something, right?

On Valentine's Day, we hosted a small dinner party, our first since the baby. After tucking him in at 7:30, we enjoyed French martinis, cheese, lamb, couscous, cucumbers in yogurt and steamed beets (steaming is in everyone!). And I have zero pictures to document the meal. But everything was delicious, although the lamb roast could have definitely used a sauce. 

What I did manage to get, the following day, was a photo of the sandwich I made with the leftovers. The husband will say, without hesitation, the sandwich was better than the roast the night before, and even though I can't say that without hesitation, it was a really, really good sandwich. Served on a freshly baked baguette, with lots of mayo and mustard, topped with sauteed greens from the garden, this was a sandwich you thought about days after eating it.
Lamb marinade.
In other news, I recently finished a book by one of my favorite bloggers. If you're looking for something funny and smart to read, I highly recommend Bon Appetempt: A Coming of Age Story. Not only could I relate to this book on many levels, but I passed it on to the husband, who I thought it would definitely resonate with, and he's been enjoying it, giggling in bed while I try to sleep.

We have been doing lots of cooking from the garden, eating salads topped with sardines, or one pot pastas with sausage and chard or kale, roasting carrots and garlic and sticking to simple and satisfying meals during the week. Because by the time we get home, bathe and play with the little guy, there's not much time left for any complicated cooking. The new weeknight routine, though different, is comforting, and usually ends with wine or beer while we watch Viggo snooze on the baby monitor.
Looking through the last three months of photos on my computer, it's crazy to see the rate this kid is growing. He's changing all the time, and changing us as well. For one thing, the husband now sleeps in. (Sorry parents with kids who don't sleep, we lucked out). My new favorite hobby is to hear Viggo laugh until he hiccups and watch him as he struggles to flip himself from his belly to his back, something he can't consistently do yet, but tries so very hard, it's sometimes painful not to intervene. 
We are still making regular visits to our favorite walking place, Descanso Gardens, and going on adventures to Ojai and Newport Beach. Traveling with a baby has been a test in patience and creativity. We are preparing for a week-long trip to Georgia next month. I can't wait to see how many days we'll last until one of us breaks. I say four. Until then, we have a six-month birthday to celebrate, Easter with friends, and more Sundays in bed cuddling until second breakfast.