Cheers to Baby Food and Cocktails

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It didn't take me long to connect baby food making to cocktails. But, I am a little surprised there isn't already a recipe book out there for this stuff. 

If you've made fruit compotes or purées for your little one, you probably end up with some extra syrup in your pan after cooking down the fruit. And you might just throw that out before blending your fruit, so as not to make your purée too watery. Or you might drink it, like the husband likes to do and then complain how this kid gets all the good stuff, and what about him??? But, you can also add a splash of rum or tequila and some sparkling soda and you have yourself a tropical adult drink. This way, everyone wins! Settle down hubby, the baby IS sharing.

I've been making Viggo food at home. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, and takes me a couple of hours each Sunday. There's two books I use as a guide, Bébé Gourmet, and Cooking for Baby. Most of the recipes are straight-forward and once you make a few things, you get the hang of it and can experiment. A typical fruit recipe goes like this: slice up your fruit (removing the skins if that's your thing); add a bit of water to the pan covering your fruit 1/3 of the way; cook on medium 5-7 minutes (depending on the fruit). Drain off some of that juice (for yourself!), and blend. 

Our little guy really likes mango and berries combo (which by the way makes for a great cocktail), so I do variations of this purée with cherries, blueberries and strawberries. He likes to eat his fruit mixed in with Greek yogurt, and makes the funniest faces doing so. Other fruit combinations that he seems to enjoy include, apples and cherries (not the greatest for a cocktail), pears with peaches and bananas every which way. 

In case you're wondering, the kid eats more than fruit. It's just green beans and sweet potatoes don't make you want to add rum and pineapple juice to them to enjoy on a hot day.  
Freezer friendly. I typically make a batch of food for the week and take it to his daycare.
This guy likes to sit in the kitchen, and boss us around, waving his drumstick and wooden spoon. Good thing he looks so cute doing it.
Playful monkey. He's so happy to share his fruit purees with us. And that's why we keep him around!
Pear and peach syrup, with pineapple juice, rum and sparkling water.

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